Case Studies

How a customized accounting solution was successfully integrated with existing online commerce processes and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Kaye/Bassman International Corporation (KBIC), founded in 1981, offers expertise in professional, executive, technical and scientific search. Based in Dallas, Texas, KBIC provides global recruiting and search solutions to markets within healthcare, energy, insurance, banking, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and over 15 other recruiting specialty practice areas.

KBIC developed a revolutionary product for the recruiting industry called Next Level Exchange. The online, monthly subscription-based system provides recruiters and human resources personnel a host of recruiting tools including training videos and online coaching.

The Challenge
When Next Level Exchange was created and operating on its own platform, most of KBIC’s divisions were already using Microsoft Dynamics GP. It was decided that Next Level Exchange would continue operating on QuickBooks, taking a wait and see approach before switching it to the more sophisticated, expensive Microsoft Dynamics GP.

“When we realized that our accounting department was not automatically receiving notifications of web transactions, we knew we had problems. As business took off, the number of daily transactions increased and the lack of shared accounting information was leading to customer service issues. That’s when we knew it was time to act,” KBIC CFO, Courtney Wojan noted.

When KBIC met with Conexus SG, the end goal was two-fold. First, KBIC wanted to change the billing process to electronic accounting in the transaction process. Secondly, they wanted the new system to create a customer interface that mirrored the rest of the Next Level Exchange portal rather than Microsoft Dynamics GP generic billing screens.

The Solution
Committed to the idea that company data is an asset. Conexus SG began a series of in-depth evaluations to ensure delivering the best solution. They knew that an outdated system was not only creating inefficiencies, but keeping KBIC from using their data as a powerful analytic tool.

The Conexus SG team analyzed the current accounting system and made the recommendation that Next Level Exchange be moved to the Microsoft Dynamics GP platform. Then, through the use of a Linux server, the ecommerce site could be integrated with GP. The GP system would be able to securely retrieve credit card information and post it in real time, delivering powerful, accurate and timely electronic accounting data to decision makers and the accounting department.

During the demonstration of this solution, Conexus SG also introduced KBIC to Nodus Technologies’ ePay Advantage product which enable clients to use an online portal to review and pay their invoices electronically.

KBIC was very motivated by the functionality and efficiency of the new system. It was immediately evident that the ease of electronic access would improve both customer service and collections. But, KBIC was adamant that the screens being viewed by clients look like the Next Level Exchange brand, and not the generic templates that come with the GP product.

The Conexus SG team created a custom solution that enabled the servers to securely share data with the Next Level Exchange accounting department. This was accomplished through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP software, running on Linux servers, and custom-built code that enabled the two systems to talk to each other.

In addition, the Conexus SG team built customized screens and print options that reflected the brand imagery consistent with other Next Level Exchange marketing materials.

The automated process has increased the efficiency and accuracy of electronic transactions that come through the Next Level Exchange portal. This has enabled KBIC to reduce the headcount of personnel handling these transactions from four full time employees to two full-time accounting employees.

Customer satisfaction has been measurably increased to the extent that KBIC is moving forward to implement the same solution for its other branches which are already running on Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Following the full implementation of the system, Conexus SG continues to work with KBIC to provide training, reporting, customization and optimization to their GP platform for all branches of the company. The resulting accounting efficiencies, customer satisfaction and increased collections qualify the project as a complete success.

As the highly competitive global recruiting industry continues to evolve, Conexus SG will strategize with KBIC on how to best utilize the powerful tools of Microsoft Dynamics GP to grow market share.

A Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy
Inclusive of Social Media Management, Content Creation and Analytics

CHALLENGE: Our client, Dallas Allergy Immunology, wanted to drive more traffic to their web site in order to generate more patient traffic and increase patient volume. A secondary objective was to create awareness about food and other allergies and corresponding immunology treatments.

SOLUTION: Witmer Group conducted a full audit of the existing web site using traffic analysis and analytics review to benchmark user activity. Based on our findings, we implemented the following tactics beginning January 2014:

  • Develop a new web site design, navigation and functionality to add additional mobile responsiveness and also create a more seamless user experience.
  • Implement initial SEO efforts for that included keyword research and on-page analysis to better optimize pages with target phrases.
  • Conduct ongoing optimization of information pages and blog content.
  • Begin a consistent content generation process which included weekly blog posts and social media posts.
  • Implement an active social sharing and engagement effort to grow the fan base online.
  • Closely monitor external bloggers for valuable inbound link opportunities.

RESULTS: The following are the results of the 12 month period from January 2014 to January 2015. The number one traffic driver to the website over a one year period was organic traffic, which resulted in 5,342 submissions of contact forms. Organic session grew from 1863 sessions in June 2014 to 2437 sessions in June 2015, representing a 31% increase in organic sessions. The gradual, yet steady growth of increased traffic over one year is further segmented as follows:
 Direct traffic: 17,837 sessions and 1346 forms completed
 Social media traffic: 3305 sessions and 84 forms completed

The landing pages that gained the most traffic between the12 months were seven blog posts in the top 25, one of which took the number two spot.

Top Blog Post Landing Pages
1) “Baked Milk and Egg Can Speed Resolution of Food Allergies” ranked #2 with 1652 sessions.
2) “Can Children Overcome Food Allergies?” ranked #7 with 748 sessions.
3) “Oral Immunotherapy Can Transform the Life of Your Food Allergic Child” ranked #11 with 472 sessions.

Social Media Traffic Highlights
• Facebook sent 2499 sessions and resulted in 54 forms completed
• Twitter sent 325 sessions and resulted in 6 forms completed
• Blogger (referrals from bloggers using the Blogger platform) sent 146 sessions and 9 forms completed
• Google+ sent 43 sessions and 3 forms completed
• LinkedIn sent 4 sessions and 2 forms completed
• Yelp sent 46 sessions and 10 forms completed

Keyword Tracking
The web site ranks for many of the keyword terms Witmer Group continues to target and track. Many of the terms Witmer Group tracks fluctuate from week to week/month to month, often as a result of how competitive a particular search term is at a given point in time, activity in the media, and how much emphasis Witmer Group puts on that term in the weekly blog and social posts.

Case Study for Brand Development
Texas Instrument, Communication Services

When the department manager asked our group to contribute ideas that would help promote the communication services brand, I submitted the following concepts and creative rationales.

One of them was selected from more than 25 entries. The communication services group functioned as an internal agency for Texas Instruments. Project managers, writers, designers, coders, photographers, illustrators, digital gurus and others made up the 60+ member group.

The goal was to generate more business from our internal clients. From wireless to IT, sales to human resources, corporate to security, our group had many different clients with a range of creative and marketing needs. Following are seven concepts I contributed to this project – ideas from the brain of Jane.

Concept 1
YES! We can do that.

Concept 2
Work Smarter. Go Here.

Concept 3
Where imagination meets know-how.

Concept 4
Our goal is to challenge, inspire, fascinate, reward and engage.
How are we doing so far?

Concept 5

Concept 6
Creative juice. Organic know-how.
Fresh perspectives. Mix well and serve.

Concept 7
We attempt the impossible on a daily basis.
It makes our work better.


Concept 1 – YES! We can do that.
The word ‘YES’ connotes infinite possibilities. The sound of the spoken word YES, resonates and is
perpetuated by the letter ‘s’. This concept signifies the ultimate CAN DO attitude, and a willingness to take on new challenges.

Concept 2 – Work Smarter. Go here.
Most people embrace the idea of working smart rather than working hard. The two words embody what TI Communication Services does on any given project, large or small – work smart. Go here is the link to the communications services site.

Concept 3 – Where imagination meets know-how.
The concept of imagination opens the door for creative ingenuity. Creativity is a major part of what the communication services group provides, and adding the value of expertise, knowledge, and know-how produces the ideal combination.

Concept 4 — Our goal is to challenge, inspire, fascinate, reward, and engage. How are we doing so far? This is a potential tagline or messaging component that invites input while reinforcing the value proposition.

Concept 5 – Brains-in-Hyperdrive
This concept communicates fun, enthusiasm, action, and intelligence, without being too serious and overstated. It has the potential to live long and be remembered easily because of its edginess.

Concept 6 – Creative juice. Organic know-how. Fresh perspectives. Mix well and serve.
Imaginatively metaphoric, yet simple and to the point. It carries a message that ensures the best ingredients are present for the best solutions. [My favorite]

My Roles: Copy editing and design coordination

Client: Texas Instruments, DLP
Deliverables:  4-page case study of Plano ISD integrated classrooms using DLP technology