Texas Instruments

Following are samples of collateral created during the six years I worked at Texas Instruments. Many more samples are available upon request.



DLP Education Brochure

My Roles:  Interviewed teachers at Plano Middle School who use DLP projectors in their classrooms. Directed photo shoot. Wrote copy. Collaborated with designer and supervised printing.

Target: Teachers and educators

Deliverable: 4-page 6” x 9” brochure

Partial Content: In Search of the Elusive Teaching Moment

As an educator in America, you are affected on many levels by President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. With some of the most sweeping changes in education’s history, you are challenged to not only meet, but to exceed the standard of excellence, assuming greater accountability in terms of what each student accomplishes.

At the Head of the Class

DLP technology has taken its place at the head of the class in school systems throughout the country, with educators discovering an inspiring new approach to teaching, and an opportunity captivate students’ attention.

Company Staffing Brochure

My Roles: I selected the front page image; wrote headlines and edited copy. Collaborated with various TI groups to revise content.

I created the concept for the giant letters and managed the construction. These were used in a major company-wide photo shoot, which I directed.

Target: TI recruits, university students, employees and new hires.

Deliverable: 8-page 8.5″ x 11″ color brochure















New Employee Roadmap to Success

My Roles: Worked closely with staffing manager to confirm direction of content; wrote all content; interfaced with designer in selection of photos from the photo shoot; sourced printer and managed print process.

Target: New TI Employees

Deliverable: 8 panel, 4.5” x 10” vertical, Z-fold brochure.

Partial Content: Planning a successful road trip can be tough without first consulting a map to find out where you’re going and how to get there. The same holds true for your career — you need to plot your course before you can move forward. Whether it’s to track your progress to see how far you’ve gone or to benchmark your current position, a roadmap is essential for finding your way to career satisfaction and success.

Look at the Roadmap details and check off the items as you complete them. In addition, you’ll want to discuss the Roadmap with your manager, Human Resources and a work group buddy/mentor.