How Construction Site Access Control Improves Your Profit.

In the construction industry, a reliable site access program is a major priority. Aside from the obvious function of security, it also strengthens performance while keeping workers safe and in check. It also keeps costs down significantly resulting in healthier profits.

Construction site access control is essential to safety, performance, better insurance rates, compliance, fewer delays, and much more. It’s high on the list when a project bid is released. After all, companies want to hire a construction company that poses no liability.

With innovative construction site access control, delays are few and far between, meaning the job won’t suffer unprofitability. Keeping a tight rein on who has access to the job site and tracking the ‘when and where’ of a job reduces the risk of slowdowns, injuries and even potential lawsuits.

Ensuring that the workers who are entering the jobsite are properly credentialed for admission mitigates problems that cause disruptions in the project which can cause missed deadlines. With state of the art construction site access control, project managers and supervisors know how many workers are entering the job site and how long they spent on the site.

Thanks to RFID badges like those used by FC Construction Services, workers entering through certain control points are scanned via their badge. Sometimes the control points are fixed designations, smart phones can also function as a scanner.

FC Construction Services is an industry leader in construction industry innovations that create a secure, safer, more profitable project with a comprehensive four-in-one process that includes workforce screening, workforce badging, monitoring and reporting, and construction site access control.

Take a look at some of our featured projects to get a perspective of the level of companies we have had the privilege of helping. Also check out our video on RFID construction site access control.

Jobsite Access Control Serves as a Silent Witness

As it turns out, there are more reasons to implement jobsite access control technology than the obvious ones. For sure there is no better way to ensure safety, security, workflow schedules and work force attendance on your construction jobsite; but this high-performance technology can also prove useful as a silent witness to potential criminal activity.

Jobsite access control, with electronic badging and advanced turnstiles that monitor movement in and out of a jobsite can easily narrow down a timeframe of suspects who might be unlawfully present on the jobsite.

Whether these lawbreakers are there to steal from you or cause injury to unsuspecting personnel, you can have greater peace of mind knowing that they will be easily identified and more easily brought to justice.

If someone is victimized on your jobsite, the jobsite access control system will provide data to support the identity of the perpetrator. The same applies to a variety of situations allowing the authorities to make a faster arrest and conviction.

While no one wants to think that issues can occur, they of course do. By being proactive and ensuring your construction jobsite is protected, you can go about your business and be much more productive. The worry of security problems can consume far too much energy and who needs it if you have a state of the art jobsite access control system in place.

FC Construction Services is proud to provide the most innovative technology available for jobsite access control. Our clients are testament to the reliability, accuracy and added productivity that our services and products provide. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us to find out more.

Real-Time, Automated Construction Project Reporting Enables Compliance

It’s a disconcerting fact that construction companies face ongoing challenges regarding local and state mandates related to Economic Impact and Community Involvement Programs. These programs are designed to increase construction project workforce participation from veterans, minorities and women.

Construction companies without automated construction labor reporting face the challenge of managing these mandates manually, which can slow the reporting and compliance confirmation process.

On the other hand, the forward-thinking companies who have automated construction labor reporting in place are lightyears ahead of the pack. One even greater advantage is having real-time construction labor reporting.

The FC Construction Services process begins with the Workforce Screening phase, where the contract mandated minimum worker qualifications are met. From there Workforce Badging screens all applicants and once vetted issue an RFID-enabled, photo ID badge which acts as a visual passport to the jobsite and is used for actuation of the access control system.  Step three is the Access Control System phase, wherein entrances and exits monitor the badge wearer entering and leaving the site through either restricted and/or non-restricted access RFID portals.

Step four is the Monitoring and Reporting phase which reports real-time workforce data to all authorized personnel and stakeholders and then archives for analysis and review as needed. Included in this phase is the production of automated government-mandated compliance reports.

The real-time construction project reporting within this last step of the FC-CS process marks a significant difference in having an innovative, automated reporting program. Not only is compliance assured, whether at the local or state level, but the ongoing communication and dialogue among the workforce and supervisors is current and actionable when decisions can mean time and dollars saved.

Keeping track of budget evaluations and scheduling material delivery, or ensuring safety measures and insurance/regulatory compliance are all critical to a construction project. These components are at your fingertips with FC-CS. Having automated, real-time data and jobsite counts elevates project management to new levels of performance and ultimately successful completed projects which come in on time and budget.