Creativity, Ideation

You Want What?!

Have you ever been asked to work on a project where your response was: “You want what?!”

I have. That’s my favorite kind of work.

It’s not enough to be simply challenged by a writing project request. It’s far more satisfying to defy the odds of logic and gravity and give my brain a good marathon workout.

Too often people think that what they are asking for will only be satisfied by some so-called expert who has jumped through similar, innumerable hoops, making them far more skilled on that particular topic.

Not necessarily so.

The one ingredient that easily overrides such erroneous assumptions is creativity. A little imagination goes a long way. A lot of imagination goes… (you get my drift).

But if you choose to believe that success can only be guaranteed by some cookie-cutter, boxed formula that makes you feel more secure metrics-wise, then fine. You might, however, miss out getting a fresh, illuminating result.

If on the other hand you want originality that shines, dances, then floats cloud-like into the sky exploding in rainbow colors of wit and meaningful impact — then contact me.

Ask me the question so I can (with great delight) exclaim: “You want what?!”

Then we can get on with creating it — whatever it is.